World’s Most Top 10 Expensive Wrist Watches with Price

There are lots of people in the world who prefer costly clothes, shoes, and even use 30,000 INR mobile phones in their daily life. But have you guys ever wondered to have a luxury watch! And what do you think how much it can cost! What is the average pricing limit of those brands!

While preparing the best lists on a several branded things like shoes, laptops, cars and etc, we sometimes got interesting queries from our viewers that they also want to know about the topmost watch brands. And today we are prepared to deliver you that ranking. So be focused on getting it.

1.  Breguet Brand :

An 18 karat gold watch with a traditional classy look, called Breguet Pocket Watch 1970 BA/12, comes at the range of 734,000$. Breguet brand which doesn’t only manufacture such pocket but wrist watches also is offering such a charming and decent designing watch to all its consumers in such a pleasant price. With this supreme metallic product, you will also get a hard, strong and long gold chain for better handling comfort.  Breguet PW 1970 BA/12 is the only watch of this brand which comes at such an expense.

Price- 734,000$.

2. Blancpain Brand :

Just look at the framing, isn’t it outstanding! Blancpain 1735 Grande Complication is one of the most expensive wrist watches in the world which comes around 80,000$. The facial of B 1735 GC is made of platinum, and the belt consists a crocodile skin. B 1735 GC provides you handmade internal parts and its internal system works with 740 pieces of functional elements. For B 1735 GC, I must say, besides being the most expensive, B 1735 GC also has the credit of being the most complex watch in the world.

Price- 80,000$.

3. Louis Moinet Brand :

After the 10th and 9th, Louis Moinet Magistralis comes at the 8th position of our list. With an exceptional level of coloring, LMM contains the real piece of Meteorite which was only founded in the Moon. LMM is remarkably stylish and stands for a great mechanism with several times worthy features and comes at a price of 860,000$.

Price- 860,000$.

4. Hublot Brand :

Believe me; I was stuck at the first glance of Hublot most expensive edition Hublot Black Caviar Bang. Covering 501 pieces of baguette-cut black diamonds and 18 Karat of white gold, HBCB first introduced on 2009 and still it is one of the remarkable discoveries in the watch innovation history. This supreme and luxurious wristwatch will be yours if you have the ability to spend 1$ Million on it. And please tell me your expressions on this one especially.

Price- 1$ Million.

5. Chopard Brand :

Now this is girl’s time! I don’t know how you girls are going to react to seeing this, but must say, please share your feelings. The Chopard Super Ice Cube is a very limited edition which comes at an extreme price of 1.1$ Million and specially designed for girls. This is a Swiss made product and consists 60 Karat of diamonds in its framing. This 60 Karat diamond is cut into lots of perfectly sized pieces. CSIC is also water and scratch resistant. I am wondering, that besides this general features, this diamond set can also be shown far from a 100 meter of distance, isn’t it!

Price- 1.1$ Million.

6. Patek Phillipe Brand :

Patek Phillipe is highly popular watch manufacturer in the world and this is one of the best creations of them. This series doesn’t come with great look like the above watches but it stands for 1.3$ Million. P Phillipe Sky Moon Tourbillon has a complex screening with a supreme level of framing and belt, and this series has options for both man and woman. Patek Phillipe SMT is quite thicker and the dial is also little small comparing with the above stuff, but still it’s highly attractive and needs a lot of money to have it.

Price- 1.3$ Million.

7. Vacheron Constantin Brand :

One of the most attractive and expensive wrists watches called Bencher on Constantin Tour de I’lle is manufactured by the Swiss watch manufacturer Vacheron Constantin, comes at a range of 1.5$ Million. This model is one of my favorite, and the little banding look in this dial makes me mad for this. VCT was first introduced in 2005 and this is a both side watch which each side is different from another. The latest model of VCT provides you 18 Karat of gold with a sapphire nonreflective glass and features of calendaring.

Price- 1.5$ Million.

8. Patek Phillipe Platinum World Time :

After the Patek Phillipe SMT, this is a more expensive and attractive option is the Patek Phillipe. Patek Phillipe PWT was sold on 4$ Million at an auction on 2002. At that time this was the most expensive wrist watch in the world. The interesting fact about PWT is, by using it you can easily find the time to any country in the world.

Price- 4$ Million.

9. Patek Phillipe Super Complication :

Now you will be stuck after seeing the price hike it is 11$ Million at a jump from 4$ million. PPSC is the costliest product of Patek Phillipe which ruling the world. PPSC is made of 18 Karat of gold, comes with a very normal traditional classy look, and has 24 kinds of complications/features. PPSC has the ability to count the different chronological function for each and every hour. PPSC took 5 years to make and it is the most complicated watch in the world.

Price- 11$ Million.

10. Patek Phillipe :

This is the costliest product which has made by Patek Phillipe after the special request of an American Financier in the Thirties. This watch consists of 24 Karat gold and stands with a half gram of weight. This is also the most expensive watch to sold in the auction in Geneva and the amount was 20.6$ Million. This one is purely covered with gold and provides you feature beyond watching the time only.

Price- 20.6$ Million.


All the above brands are luxurious. I personally found this list very interesting, and the way we researched the frame of most expensive watches is really informative. I hope you guys enjoyed the list and eager to have more from us. If so then keep commenting and just wait for the next article.