Top 10 Best Shoe Brands in the World

Shoes are always the basic need of every person, and people prefer their own choice to have it. Most of the people, who maintain their standards with a luxurious way, always prefer the best brands of shoes. Regarding the designing, coloring, and finishing of the product, expensive brands are always up to mark. If you also finding for a great brand of shoe, which can meet all of your requirements regarding having a perfect pair then this article can help you.

Here we have enlisted some of the best shoe brands in the world and these brands get used by many popular celebrities as well. These are quite expensive, and for a supreme status maintaining. Now, if you also committing to having footwear from a great brand then you may choose that from the following.

1. Barker Black:

How anyone can forget about Barker Black while preparing the most expensive shoe list! BB is actually a US-based brand and streaming since decades and this formal footwear can cost you more than 1000$ per pair. But like the other brands, this is not that much internationally represented. But while you go to New York, LA, Miami then you will find a surprising demand of BB.

Price-1,000$ is the highest price.

2. Russian Calf Shoes:

RCS basically produces the formal looking shoes, but the finishing, outlining and outer decorum makes RCS very unique from the others. Without using less, and not making it belt free, Russian Calf focuses on making something exceptional by designing the knotting procedure. These shoes are highly impeccable for formal using & considering the professionalism, and formality RCS provide you an appropriate pair to represent you in a different way.

Price-1550$ is the highest price.

3. Loafer Brand:

Including formals and casuals, this international brand delivers an awesome branding experience more or less at a reasonable price. Designing men footwear with an exceptional way while using a lot of variants as materials and designing; Loafer also tries to reach the door of higher middle-class people. I must say, that if you are not looking for a formal pair and not even for a casual stuff, but still a decent one to fit the professionalism, then there is no any alternative than having a Loafer in your feet

Price-12, 80$ is the highest price.

4. Jimmy Choo PLC:

This British Fashion company was founded in 1996 and still ruling in the market. JC is one of the costly shoe brands in the world and this especially focuses on the latest trends of fashion. Just forgot casuals and formals, guys and girls who want to have the perfect pair goes with fashion, must consider having a set of JC.

Price-2,000$ is the highest price.

5. Stefano Bemer Brand:

Creating outstanding footwear for men by using some exceptional materials with fabulous craftsmanship is the only motto of Stefano Bemer. SF actually focuses on the formal designing, with a rich type of coloring. Besides the upper side decorum, SF works more on the soles. This is an Italy-based company and now highly popular for making premium quality shoes.

Price-15,000$ is the highest price.

6. Berluti Brand:

One of the most expensive brands Berluti offers you a lavish set including a lot of formal color collections which comes with several designing. This is an international brand which was set up in 1895. After the success of making high-quality expensive shoes, Berluti now only works for the supreme & luxurious footwear. Besides focusing on a quality designing, the color mixing is a unique capability of Berluti, and this brand can be affordable for a lot of millionaires.

Price-15,000$ is the highest price.

7. Nike Brand:

Nike manufactures very expensive shoes for men and it reaches a certain cost. Besides making different types of casual pairs, Nike especially works for making suitable sports shoes. IT has a very little number of super expensive products but most of the Nike shoes costs averagely high. It has a lot of differentiates in collections and highly popular for endorsing the sports. Including millions of retailers, this US brand comes with great revenue in the supermarket.

Price-50,000$ is the highest price of a special Tennis Pair addition.

8. Tom Ford with Diamonds:

TFD comes with quite an exceptional concept, which offers you to wear shoes with diamonds. This is actually a man footwear brand and has original diamonds in its designing. A classy decorum with 14000 number of diamonds covered with a supreme white gold layer comes at a price of 2 million dollars. If you can remind the name “Nick Cannon”, then for your kind information, he is only the person who whore this shoe at the America Got Tallent show.

Price-2$ Million is the highest price.

9. Testoni Shoes:

Among the most expensive branded shoes Testoni is one of them. Whether it comes to deal with the design it for men or women, Testoni always streams at the best list. These shoes are made of Alligator’s skin and very much suitable for formal wearing. The brashly color and suitable outfit specify a classy standard of the Mercedes.

Price-35,000$ is the highest price.

10. Jordan Brand:

Jordan footwear has always a special and exceptional looks in it. The designing of this brand doesn’t follow any of the other stuff specialization. The unique decorum, color mixing, and high distinctive quality make Jordan very much attractive to everyone. This is a US based brand and it was established in 1984. Jordan shoes especially endorse the athletics and other sports kinds of activities, besides you also can use its pairs for the real-time styling.

Price-60,000$ is the highest price.


There are no any chronological orders in the list and all the brands are up to mark to meet your requirements.  All the information is collected from the valid sources. We are not attempting any steps to endorse any company or brands. Our articles are only visitors oriented and for their help purpose.