Top 10 Best Nail Polish Brands in the World

Nail Polishes: Best Nail Polish Brands List

Nail Polishes have always been the class apart when it comes to getting ready for an occasion, and also there just needs to be that little quality that stands apart in polishes. As with the readily accessible choice of colors and textures, there has been a recent pick on some of the better choices of nail polishes. Let’s have a review on the top of the choices.

  1. RGB

RGB is one of the recent ranges of cosmetics products that the latest to include the safest of the substances included. Wit vibrant colors suited for every occasion, colors are long lasting and refine into a very natural look. Though the most successful and preferred shades are golden and black nail polish.

  1. NARS

NARS is the most economical choices in fingernail polishes and lipsticks that also deliver reasonably good quality in the choices. The brand is quite popular since there are few actors associated with the loyalty of the brand. Designed with the feel of neutrality and gaudiness, these polishes are very lighter and smoother, yet offer colors either with or without shine.

  1. CND

The professional pick of Nail Polishes for any of those special occasions, especially crafted the polish from CND is blended class with an international vibe that revives through the shady hues of excellent sheen associated with these special brand of Polish .These are of course the typical ones that easily suit the need of professionals.


L’Oreal is a multifaceted brand in the world of cosmetics. The classic collection of nail polishes from L’Oreal is amongst the most extensive options available. More colors and affordable prices, these polishes give a very natural reflection with a touch of elegance suited for special occasion.

  1. ESSIE

Elegant and sensual finishes are the trademark of Essie, the nail polishes tend to be very smooth and deliver a natural look to nails. With the selection of colors a, the brand has been continuously introducing new colors with long lasting features.

  1. OPI:

Undoubtedly, the best brand of fingernail polish of the recent times with extensive shades of colors and blazing hues. OPI stands for Odontorium Products Inc. The economical variant is also the choice of Professionals mostly due to its smooth texture.


China Glaze is an amazing brand, especially for fingernail polishes. It offers a wide variety of nail colors with glitter and without it. Many professionals are using it due to its smooth texture and beautiful shades. It is also focusing to provide many colors that are in fashion like neon colors, etc. It is constantly advertised in magazines and newspaper about their recent range of colors.

Ladies always need something for highlighting. Most of the accessories they use keep them in centre in social gatherings or in outings. Nail polish is one of the biggest accessories for them. Good and high class brands always appear different in crowd and so that with ladies. Price doesn’t matter to such high class ladies who always want to get attention with such branded colored nails.

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