Top 10 Best Hoverboard Scooters Reviews

Some call it Hoverboards, and some refer as Self Balancing Scooters; but with whatever term people refer it, this is for sure, that the maximum of people loves it. In the first times these were meant to be the toys for rich kids, but after getting a level best of designing and good structural strength, it became a very entertaining and useful stuff for all the peoples. Nowadays, around the age of 10 to 50, all the people uses this boards.

Some people have some wrong concepts about its pricing and efficiency. Here in this article, we are going to enlisting some of the top best self-balancing scooters of 2016. So, people who are willing to buy one, they will get a help about the efficiency of a hoverboard.

1. Segway MiniPRO Hoverboard:

Segway MiniPRO is the best option available. Besides the structure and attractive colouring, this is reputed for its quality. Segway MiniPRO has a decent balancing wheel in its interface, but people who still feel uncomfortable with hoverboards, they can easily use its well-optimized handle for a great experience.

2. EPIKGO Hoverboard:

EPIKGO comes with a great interface, and it is also a UL 2272 certified hoverboard. This certification concerns all the safety regulations of the user. The regulations of UL 2272 help you to get the best of best. EPIKGO has also a reputed battery pack with lots of features which always entertains you.

3. Swagton T1:

This product is brought to you by the well-known hoverboard making brand Swagton. It always deals with the level best materials to manufacture it and its features are also highly developed. Swagton provides you with a well-designed product with glossy colors and quality wheel for balancing.

4. Razor Hovertrax 2.0:

The model designing of Razor Hovertrax 2.0 normally looks like the Swagton model but it quite fancier. Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is also a UL 2272 certified product and has a speed of 8MPH. With Razor Hovertrax 2.0, you are getting a quality protection against collision damage and features like LED light and all in its interface.

5. Powerboard Black Hoverboard:

This model only deals with one color which is black. But it’s enough to impress anyone. This product has also a great self-balancing mechanism and it is quite longer and flat then the Razor Hovertrax 2.0. It has a high speed of 6MPH and has a good battery power which gives a usage time of 4 hours.

6. Airwheel Q3 Series:

This high-quality product brought to you by Airwheel. Airwheel is well known for providing hoverboards overseas and Q3 is their specified series. This has an interesting folding system which helps to carry your board and it provides you with a high speed of 11MPH. Airwheel come with a large battery pack and great self-balancing program. Anyone can easily learn how to use it.

7. Hands-Free UL 2272 Hoverboard:

Its 300 watts of the dual electric motor makes it capable of taking a speed up to 8 MPH. This has better color options which make you choosable to get it. Quality balancing and better battery backup with a trust of UL 2272 make you more concerned about this product.

8. ANVL Boards Skatecycle:

Now ANVL provides you something different and more reliable rather than the normal concept hoverboards. It has no electric parts inside it but has a great innovative propelling system. The outstandingly optimized wheels of ANVL assure you a level best ride even running over bad surfaces. It totally runs by your own feet so like skateboards, you can speed up the board as much as you can. And there are no chances to lose your battery power.

9. Hoverzon S Hoverboard:

The brand Hoverzon here providing a self-balancing board with a great plunge and assuring a better experience for all time. This is also optimized to survive the most implemented rigorous controlling and provides you with a speed of 8MPH. With a lot of glossy colour options and a great designing this board deals with the UL 2272 certification and also have lots of features for entertaining.

10. Swagway T3 Hands-Free Hoverboard:

This is again a product from Swagway but this is a bit different from the first one. This is completely durable and born to run for any kind of surface. It has a long and strong interface and comfortable for any placements. Its great designing and color makes you crazy to have it and the battery backup is also well. A high speed of 8 MPH and 300 watt of the power system is better forever.