Top 8 Most Expensive Handbag Brands in the World

The finest bags in the world come with some of the unbelievable price tags that are worth a fortune. With the legacy of more than a century, many brands of bags are up to the chart for being one amongst the best.

  1. Prada

The Italian brand that has been up with the best in the world has a series of stable and stylish product line for men and women. Established with a legacy of a century in 1913, Prada stands to the class that always been amongst the noblest of the times. With a range of products that include cosmetics, bags, shoes, clothes, and jewelry as well. Prado watches are also amongst the most popular in the world.

  1. Hilde Palladino

The Norwegian brand of Hilde Palladino is known as the true class in the world for handbags. Though only recently released their new product line, the most luxurious bags made was studded with 40 rare class diamonds that makes the designer bag one of the most expensive bags in the world. The Norwegian company operates from Italy and has been selling worldwide.

  1. Marc Jacob

The all-American brand, Marc Jacobs is a creative side of beauty and elegance. The founder was noted other than the creative director of Louis Vuitton who was associated with the brand till1997. The most popular Carolyn Crocodile bag was sold at a whopping $50,000. Though the entry variants of the leather bag is estimated to have a price tag of around $2000.

  1. Judith Leiber

The Hungarian brand Judith Leiber is one of the kind that have made it in the global arena. Established in 1963, the classic bags have come all the way to being one of the most classic ones to have been made for the designer wear. Built with impressions and special feature gems and stones, the expensive bag is has diamonds and gold worth a price tag of $90,000. That same bag made had a bang in 2008 as it was rated as the most luxurious bag for the year.

  1. Fendi

The Italian Fendi is one of the major brands to have been the most popular and successful on the global front. Believed to be established in 1925, the brand has been one successful journey of sheer class and excellence. Most of the trademark product line is comprised of materials like lambskin and hide of crocodile, making the bag stated at a price of $28,000. One of the bags from the product line the same year branded and labeled under Sellers is also considered as the worst that has had more demand for well over a decade

  1. Mouawad

The Swiss class of Mouawad is an art piece that includes a series of expensive Jewelry and timepieces. With the headquarters in Dubai, the handbags for ladies are amongst the most prolific in the world with  the most expensive bag of this brand called 1001 nights’ diamonds that was studded with a stunning collection of diamonds and gold and held a high price tag of $3.8 million thereafter enlisted in the Guinness World record as one of the most valuable bags.

  1. Chanel

The most prolific French connection in the fashion industry, Chanel is a distinct class of luxury established in 1909. With the likes of Nicole Kidman, Keira Knightley with Chanel, there is a different class associated with the brand. And it is estimated that the fashion from the luxury brand, price tag of $261,000.

  1. Louis Vuitton

Being one of the oldest and the most prolific brands on the ramp, Louis Vuitton is a world of luxury in the rights of its own. Established in 1854 and the exclusive brand of b Paris, Louis Vuitton has been most valuable brand in the world for a streak of six years The most expensive handbag of the brand was sold for $55,000.

Branded bags in hand and ladies will fly high. If you want to please your ladies then just check out the above list. Ladies love with bags will never ever end. Branded purse or bags can give them ultimate joy of attitude when they go out.