Top 10 Best Selling Face Cream Brands to get Beautiful Skin

It is very important to moisturize our face in order to keep it smooth, supple and radiant. Not everyone has same skin types and it is recommended to pick up a face moisturizer that particularly suits your skin types. Moisturisers lock the hydration from skin and keep it sufficiently nourished. For someone to walk with flawless skin, it is important to regularly follow a moisturising regime. There are hundreds of creams but only few stand out in terms of quality and skin care. Here are top 10 powder face creams or moisturisers.

1. Nivea Soft Creme


It is an affordable face moisturising cream that is suitable mostly for people with dry and sensitive skin. The skin ensures proper hydration and has helped in reducing red patches from skin. The crème blends well and is absorbed easily through the skin.

2. Olay Active Hydrating Beauty Fluid Lotion


Olay has wide range of products for skin care regime and this cream is one of them with affordable price and is particularly for sensitive skin. It helps in reducing the occurrence of acne and pimple; rejuvenate the skin and helps in making the skin more supple and soft.

3. Avalon Organics Intense Defence with Vitamin C


The cream is grease free and helps in keeping your face hydrated for a long time. It is prepared with goodness of Vitamin C that enriches the skin with anti-oxidant supply. It is a skin renewal cream and is made of natural ingredients.

4. The Body Shop Seaweed Oil Control Day Cream


The cream is available at a price of $20 and leaves your skin smooth, supple and oil free with fresh feeling. It blends with your skin perfectly and is made up of natural seaweed ingredients that provide appropriate skin hydration.

5. Clarins  HydraQuench Cream


The ingredients and feel of this cream makes it a great skin and face moisturiser because it keeps the skin hydrated through deep nourishment. The cream is absorbed in the skin quickly and doesn’t give a oily look after its application.

6. Clinique Superdefense Daily Defence Moisturiser


Clinique is known to act on skin like magic and helps in restoring back the lost glow of skin. The moisturiser leaves skin smooth and supple and through its deep penetration method it provides the required hydration to skin. The cream has SPF protection and defends our skin from sun harshness.

7. Avene Cicalfate restorative skin crème


This cream is great for people with dry and sensitive skin as it has helped in providing required oil and prevented infection. It is also known to treat rosacea prone skin and has ingredients that help in tightening the blood vessels.

8. Bioelements Beyond Hydration


The product is very good for extremely oily skin which keeps the skin oil free without stripping of the natural moisture. The cream helps in controlling oil and is recommended by many users with oily skin. The product comes with a price of around $38.

9. Olay Regenerist deep hydration cream


The cream is used for excessive dry skin and helps in rejuvenating your skin with deep moisture and hydration. The smooth texture of the cream and soft feel helps in providing nourishment to skin and is ideal for anyone suffering from dry skin issues.

10. La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream


The cream is slightly expensive with a price of $440 but it can be used for long time. It has great ingredients and formulation helps in rejuvenating skin, brings back lost glow and minimises pores on skin. It makes your skin look youthful and radiant.

If you love your skin, don’t experiment with products that are less known because one mistake can damage your skin forever. Identify your skin type and here is the list of great face moisturisers that you can use.