Top 10 Best Selling Air Conditioners for Scorching Summer Heat

Summers are nothing like leisure and party in Tropical Island with the heat building up on head and making us highly lethargic. Summers are all about sun throwing flames of blazing heat, sweaty irritating days and restless night but what if you a saviour to take away the painful situations. Air-conditioner are like wish come true in peak summers that shows us life under the shade of its cool air in a better way. Stop your struggle with summer and get air conditioner to add to your interior. Here is the list of top 10 air conditioners you can vouch for.

Top 10 Best Selling Air Conditioners for Scorching Summer Heat

L Nova Plus LSA3NP5F – 37,990

It is a budget split AC that gives you cool breeze under its aegis. The Himalayan Cool feature instantly cools the room and monsoon comfort releases out the humidity. It has auto clean and dual protection filter for better convenience and filters ensure throwing out only clean air.

L-Stella Plus LSA3SP5M – 44,490

It is not a very popular brand but comes at an affordable price with 5star rating that conserves energy consumption and ensures efficient performance. It has Himalayan Cool feature that offers instant coolness and its filters make sure we breathe and hygienic air.


LG is a popular brand for electronics and have been producing superior AC. It is a 1.5 ton capacity AC with 5-star rating that ensures great energy conservation. It has on/off timer, fuzzy logic and many other convenience features apart from spreading out instant cool air.


It is a 1 ton capacity split AC with 5 star rating that comes with rotary compressor and ensures superior performance with instant cooling. It has auto restart option that ensures direct start after connecting to electricity and with number of filters throw out cool and clean air.

Voltas Executive Y-series AC

The split AC from Voltas has a rating of 5-star and comes with anti-dust filters and nano filters that trap dust. It has LED display for convenience detection of settings and has many convenience features like sleep mode, turbo start etc.

Samsung Crystal AR18FC5EFBH

It is a 1.5 Ton split AC with a 5 star rating and is a budget AC that efficiently cools the room and also ensures energy conservation. It has tropicalized compressor for superior performance and comes with convenience features like dehumidification, smart saver, auto clean etc.

Hitachi RAU518HTD

It is a 1.5 ton capacity and comes at very affordable price. It has air swing and anti-fungus filters for sending out filtered clean air. It has auto restart feature and with its 5-star rating it helps in energy conservation.

Daikin Air Conditioner Inverter AC FTKD71

It is an AC cum inverter that ensures powerful operation and its wide angle louvers gives equal cooling. The 3-D airflow cools the entire room and auto restart feature starts the AC on electricity resume. It has powerful inverter operation and comes with intelligent eye.

Blue Star 5WH18ZCW1

It is an affordable split AC with a capacity of 1.5 Ton and rating of 5 star that ensures energy conservation. It has anti-acarien filter along with LED display and comes with auto-mode. iT also has active carbon filter and anti-bacterian filter. The silver ion filter and dust filter ensures clean air.

Sharp AH-X18PET-G

The split AC from sharp has great features with a capacity of 1.5 Ton and its turbo jet mode instantly cools the room. It has sleep mode, eco mode and other convenient features to its credit and ensures superior performance with great cooling effect.

This summer don’t fight with the heat and get home any of these AC to stay cool and enjoy peaceful sleep at home. The SpliT AC also adds aesthetic value to your interiors. Hope this collection of top 10 best selling air conditioners will be helpful for you.