Top 10 Best Patanjali Fruit Juice with Price to Enjoy in India

Patanjali has undeniably won the hearts of Indian households with an amalgamation of its products and Ayurveda. Let’s talk about 10 best fruit juice of patanjali with price in India.

Patanjali has become a well-known name in India. The brand was launched by the famous Yoga Guru, Baba Ramdev. The brand has achieved great heights in a very small interval of time to the point where now it is challenging its customers and has actually become a nightmare for other MNC brands in India in FMCG sector. By tagging their products as “Made in Bharat”, Patanjali has captured the attention of the customers and has been successful in turning every other customer of theirs into a brand ambassador. Patanjali has launched almost every product under the sun in the FMCG Sector. Below are some of the best patanjali fruit juices options:

1. Aloevera Juice (Fibre & Orange flavour) @ INR 200 per 1100 gms:

Aloevera Juice

Aloevera juice is a great cleansing agent and a health supplement. It is helpful in joint pain, digestion, and acidity problems among many others. It is recommended to intake 15 – 25 ml of juice, twice in a day with equal parts water.

2. Amla Juice @ INR 90 per 570 gms:

amla juice

It is a patented Ayurvedic Medicine. It helps with the ageing, skin, eye, hyper-acidity and immunodeficiency as well. . This juice is recommended for an intake of 15 – 25 ml of juice, twice in a day with equal parts water.

3. Patanjali Guava Juice @ INR 5 per 65 ml:

Patanjali Guava Juice

This is a product by Patanjali Ayurved, small in size but rich in energy. It is produced with Guava Pulp, acidity regulator, antioxidants, stabilizers, sugar and treated water. Trihalose acts as the source of glucose and there are no preservatives used in the process.

4. Patanjali Litchi Juice @ INR 20 per 200 ml:

Patanjali Litchi Juice

Patanjali’s Litchi Juice is a great source of energy and a ready to serve drink with all the natural ingredients. It definitely tastes better when served chilled. Following are the ingredients: Antioxidants, Litchi Pulp, Stabilizer, sugar, and purified water. Per 100ml of juice it provides 8 kcal energy.

5. Patanjali Mango Drink @ INR 50 per 1 liters:

Patanjali Mango Drink

Mango juice by Patanjali is a rich in energy drink with no added preservatives. Tastes best when served chilled. It contains Mango pulp, Antioxidants, sugar, acidifying agent and purified water. It’s a great take on a famous seasonal household drink by patanjali. It is also one of the most affordable fruit juice options by the brand.

6. Patanjali Mix Fruit Juice @ INR 20 per 200 ml:

Patanjali Mix Fruit Juice

This is the most common choice of the customers. People tend to try this option first because it the safest choice as well from all the juice options. Act as a ready to serve drink without any added preservatives. This will also work well as an offering to your guests in case of emergencies.

7. Patanjali Apple Juice @ INR 20 per 200 ml:

Patanjali Apple Juice

We are all familiar with the unlimited benefits of Apple juice like being good for heart, Liver cleanser, cholesterol control and boosting the overall immune system. All these benefits added with the trust value of Patanjali brand, make this a perfect choice. Has ingredients like Apple Juice concentrate, acidity regulator (helping in digestion), antioxidants and purified water.

8. Patanjali Orange Juice @ INR 20 per 200 ml:

Patanjali Orange Juice

Along with vitamins, orange juice is also rich in minerals, phytonutrients and flavonoids. This benefits us in different ways, like maintaining the blood pressure levels and boosting the immune system. It even has healing properties. It is made of 19% Orange juice concentrate.

9. Patanjali Pineapple Juice @ INR 20 per 200 ml:

Patanjali Pineapple Juice

This is again one of the best fruit juices by patanjali. It is available in 200 ml and a 1 liters pack. It is very high in sugar and calories, thus advised to be consumed in moderation. It is made of Pineapple juice concentrate.

10. Giloy Juice @ INR 80 per 500 ml:

Patanjali Giloy Juice

This is the option which is not easily found in the market with the other brands. It is helpful in case of Immunodeficiency, Urinary Disorders, Anemia, jaundice, Gout, Rheumatism, and fever. Suggested to consume about 15-30 ml of juice mixed with water either on an empty stomach in the morning or in the evening or as directed by physician.