Top 10 Best Earphones with Mic between 500 Rs to 1500 Rs. in India

For most of us, the headphones have been complementary with our smartphones and have restricted usage of responding to calls and listen to music with not so great quality. We don’t put that much thought into buying a headphone as we do with other electronics accessories. To make the decision easier for you we have put together a list of best earbuds under 1500, easy on pocket and offer great audio quality. Remote, mic and Tangle free cords are a great plus at this price point.

1. Piston Fit by 1 More @ INR 999

Piston Fit by 1 More

This product has sound chambers made of aluminum alloy and sports an elegant design and probably are the best earbuds in India. They fit smoothly in your ears and can be worn comfortably for a long duration. The cable for the headphones is wrapped in Kevlar fiber, making it much more durable than other products in this range. It features a microphone, a button remote and even a Smart-built in Mobile App which will tell you when it is time to buy a new headphone.

2. Tekfusion – Twinwoofers @ INR 1080


Tekfusion has come up with the ideal headphone for all the bass lovers out there. Has an elegant design and provides good audio quality. Overall this is a good value for money. It also accounts for different ear sizes by offering additional ear caps for headphones. One of the best things about this product is it is very good with noise cancellation.

3. Sennheiser – CX 180 @ INR 799

Sennheiser – CX 180

Sennheiser, one of the best earphones brand in India, has come up with CX 180 – the most popular product being sold in the market currently. This product is specifically designed to be used with smartphones and is very comfortable and lightweight. It is also one of the best ergonomically designed headphones on this list. The only downside would be that the wires are frail and tangle prone.

4. Panasonic – RP – HJE190 @ INR 699


The best thing about this product is that it comes with the Panasonic’s proprietary design – Ergofit. The 2 step-fit design gives a firm hold and better isolation in the ear. The product also does its best to combat the cable noise. The only downside that you could experience is that the wires aren’t tangle resistant, they are flimsy and very thin.

5. Audio Technica – ATH – COR150 @ INR 890

Audio Technica – ATH – COR150

These headphones have applied the core bass technology. This offers both “hang over the ear” and “hang down” design for the users. It comes with a cord winder as well, making it easy to store the headphones and avoid exposure to much damage. These are definitely bassy when we consider sound but quality may not be the best.

6. Sony MDR – EX 150 @ INR 899

Sony MDR – EX 150

These headphones have an eye-catching design. They are available in different color options and are very comfortable and lightweight. Cables again are not the strongest point in this product. Headphones can support high volumes without much distortion to the sound.

7. JBL – C150SI @ INR 999

JBL – C150SI

These headphones are the lightest on this list. The earpieces are the size of glass marbles but perfectly fit in the ear and are comfortable for prolonged use. Another great feature would be that they are compatible with many iOS and android devices.  

8. Philips SHQ1200 Action @ INR 520

Philips SHQ1200 Action

This is the ideal option for all those athletes out there. The ergonomically designed headphones sport earpieces which don’t slip off easily and fit well in the ear for long duration. Provides decent noise cancellation as well but the clarity may not be at par with some of other options on the list.  

 9. Skull Candy S2DUDZ-072 @ INR 650

Skull Candy S2DUDZ-072

These headphones have the trendiest design. They have unisex design which is appealing. The bass is heavy and sound quality is decent enough, though, it may not match up to other headphones on this list.  

10. Sennheiser MX 170 @ INR 580

Sennheiser MX 170

Like you would expect from Sennheiser, the product offers great sound quality, treble balance and stereo effects without any distortions. This is definitely value for money especially considering where it is priced. Some negatives for this designs could be the size of the earpieces, lack of heavy bass and inadequate noise cancellation.