Top 10 Best Chewing Gum (bubble gum) Brands in India

Chewing gums are something that people from all age groups can relate to. There are so many options available in the market, and the varieties in flavours, colors and sizes of gums never ceases to surprise us. So here we have the list of best chewing gum brands in India for you:

  1. Boomer

boomer chewing gum

It would be surprising to encounter someone in India who hasn’t heard of this brand. This is one of the leaders in the kid’s category. Everyone’s remembers the tangy flavour and the pink and white stripe design and the formula intrigues you every time you have the gum. Since it is popular among children, the brand ensures to use only natural flavors and colours.   

2. Big Babol

Big Babol

Another one of the common names in relation to gums is Big Babool by Perfetti Van Melle. They claim to offer the biggest bubbles which has definitely caught the attention of children. It comes in two flavors – Ripe mango flavor and the fruit flavor. This is clearly a hit among kids evident by the fact that it is a great competition to Boomer in the kid’s segment.

3. Centre Fresh and Centre Fruit

Centre Fresh and Centre Fruit

If you are someone that uses gum to keep breath fresh then Centre fresh is the right gum for you. This is the best gum for bad breath. As you chew the gum, the gel liquid-filled interior oozes out. It has a minty flavor which gives a cool feeling in the mouth. This also comes in a fruity flavor.

4. Orbit

orbit gum

This gum is relatively low in sugar content than the other chewing gums, making it suitable for diabetic people as well. It gives a clean feeling and a strong menthol taste after eating. Orbit has many variants in the market including some specifically catering to dental health and kids segment.

5. Happydent


Happydent by Perfetti Van Melle, is the one of the best gums for teeth as it promises a bright and white set of teeth. This is the ideal option for those who focus on dental care. They are also known for one of the most captivating advertising campaigns.

6. Wrigley sticks, Spearmint

Wrigley sticks, Spearmint

Spearmint is the second oldest brand by Wrigley after Juicy Fruit. The gum has spearmint plant’s flavor and comes in a slim pack of 3 and 6. This is not a sugarless gum but the brand has opted for artificial sweeteners like Ace K and aspartame as a replacement for some of the sugar. It contains the food preservative, BHT. This gum has changed colors over the history, from grey/beige to the same color as Doublemint and Juicy Fruit to currently green.

7. Trident

trident gum

A product by Kraft Foods, Trident is believed to be the first brand to launch sugarless chewing gums. Trident was introduced by Cadbury in the year 1964. Since then they have come up with some of the best sugarless gums for teeth, starting from Trident Vitality in 2011. This contained fortifications like ginseng and Vitamin C. Trident has been awarded the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance.

8. Stride

Stride Gum

Stride is another sugarless gum produced by Cadbury. The interesting fact about this is that Stride is the longest lasting gum. It is primarily a flavored gum which comes in a pack of 14 pieces of gum, targeted at the youth segment. The campaigns have even won advertising awards. The gum has a total of 20 flavors currently. It is believed to be long-lasting because of the sweetening agent that is used in the manufacturing process.

9. Fini Tennis Balls Bubble Gum

Fini Tennis Balls Bubble Gum

Yes. These are actual chewing gums which look like real tennis balls as if chewing gum in itself wasn’t fun enough. You will definitely be tempted to try it once because of their look. It is sweet on the outside and sour in the inside, adding more excitement to the gum.

10. 5 by Wrigley

5 by Wrigley

Wrigley launched the 5 gum brand in the year 2007. It was heavily marketed as a sugarless gum for the younger generation. To get the word started on the 5’s innovative names and flavors, company used online advertising and ran campaigns in movie theatres. Unlike other gum brands by Wrigley, 5 has only flavored gums and not the dental health or teeth whitening ones.